Project Description

Café Farm Seedling

Indoor Cultivation, Seedling Cultivation

  • LED Grow Light Panel

  • Red and blue LEDs can be dimmed independently

  • Hydroponic Mini Plant Factory

Cafe Farm Seedling is a complete hydroponic system for seedling cultivation and indoor growing. Cafe Farm Seedling can be run as a completely independent system, fully equipped with lighting and irrigation, with an automatic water circulation. The system can be used for all growing phases, from seedling to flowering, and is suitable for research and professional horticulture.

The system is equipped with panel lights (PGL-Box 75) which distribute all light colors evenly over the illuminated surface. The wavelength composition can be changed easily by separately dimming the red and blue LEDs.

Mini Plant Factory Cafe Farm Seedling for Indoor Gardening – Home, Shop, Cafe, Kitchen, Office, School

  • Automatic control system
  • Grow all year round – Suitable for all kinds of seedlings
  • LED Grow Light – Innovative, energy-saving technology
  • Suitable for professional growers and research

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