Container Plant Factory System

Plant Factory Solution

PARUS has been producing the Container Plant Factory System since 2013 and has continuously developed and improved it since then. Thanks to our know-how and long experience, we can guarantee a Container Plant Factory System that offers low investment costs and low operating costs, while at the same time enabling constant and high harvest yields.

Each component of the container is fully customizable to your needs and wishes. Get in touch with us today and tell us about your requirements and expectations. We’d be happy to provide you with detailed advice.

A Container Plant Factory System consists of the following components

  • Hydroponic multilayer system
  • LED lighting
  • Ventilation and air circulation
  • Feedback Control System

Do you need a custom
total plant factory solution?

PARUS has the know-how and technology to provide you with a complete plant factory solution tailored to your needs and wishes. Upon your request, a stable plant factory is rapidly constructed based on our procedure of planning, designing, construction and operation.

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Set your plants

in the right light

PARUS has developed grow lights that can replace the sun light with passionate and challenging spirit since its establishment in 2003. So that we can realize the high-tech agriculture and bring it homes, offices, greenhouses and buildings.

The age of
artificial lighting

Over the past decades, LED technology has advanced and is now able to replace all outdated forms of electrical lighting.
LED lighting is economical, efficient and can produce precisely the perfect light spectrum needed for an optimal plant growth.

LED lighting has various advantages over other forms of lighting

Precise control of the light spectrum

Extremely efficient

Prolonged lifetime

Very safe

Worldwide distribution

Our products and services are utilised
by our partners worldwide.

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