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PARUS has developed grow lights that can replace the sun light with passionate and challenging spirit since its establishment in 2003. So that we can realize the high-tech agriculture and bring it homes, offices, greenhouses and buildings.

Custom Plant

Factory Solutions

PARUS has the know-how and technology to provide you with a complete plant factory solution tailored to your needs and wishes. Upon your request, a stable plant factory is rapidly constructed based on our procedure of planning, designing, construction and operation.

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The age of
artificial lighting

Over the past decades, LED technology has advanced and is now able to replace all outdated forms of electrical lighting.
LED lighting is economical, efficient and can produce precisely the perfect light spectrum needed for an optimal plant growth.

LED lighting has various advantages over other forms of lighting

Precise control of the light spectrum

Extremely efficient

Prolonged lifetime

Very safe

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Commercial growers around the world rely on
our innovative technology and 17 years of experience

Rijk Zwaan Breeding
Rijk Zwaan De Lier
Wageningen university
HAS university
De Ruwenberg
ISN VanMeer

Plantlab (Indoor Farms)
Corn bak (Bromelia)
Aardse Orchideeën (Orchids)
Dumen orange (Ornamental plants)
Wijnen Square Crops (Cucumber)
Tobias Bromelias (Bromeliads)

Smith Kwekerijen (Small plants)
De Ruwenberg (Strawberry)
In Vitro Spa (Chile)
Group Hilijoulas (Chile/Peru)
Zoe Nursery (Peru)
Growtainers /CEA Advisers (USA)

Kernock parkplants (UK)
Microgreens Denmark (DK)
Plantagon (Sweden)
Refarmers (France)
Ekonke (Spain)
Riluma (Switzerland)